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Absolute Bio-Gel

Absolute Bio-Gel comprises millions of live bacteria especially developed for the start-up and maintenance of all biological filtration systems through nitrification.

Absolute Bio-Gel has been developed for use in filter systems the gel formula allows bacteria to adhere to filtration media more effectively.

Absolute Bio-Gel shortens the time it normally takes to fully mature a filter system this will normally be around 6-8 weeks but with Absolute Bio-Gel, the time can be shortened to around 2-4 weeks. Absolute Bio-Gel is also ideal to use after replacing a filter or increasing the volume of water. 

Absolute Bio-Gel bacteria is 100% natural, certified free from all pathogens and is easy to use you cannot overdose with Absolute Bio-Gel.

 1Ltr Treats 10,000 Ltr ( 2,202 Gal )

5 Ltr Treats 50,000 Ltr ( 11,000 Gal ) 


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