Cloverleaf Absolute Chloramine-T Hydrate


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Absolute cT

Absolute-cT has been designed to Treat Bacterial Infections in freshwater fish. Such as Body Ulcers, Fin rot & Systemic Bacterial Disease.

Absolute-cT will also aid in the control of  Aquatic pathogens  

Full Strength formula  

Absolute-cT will help to speed up fish recovery time and is safe to with koi & Other Ornamental fish, But Hi-levels of oxygen saturation must be maintained with all medications 


How to use:

Mix thoroughly the required amount of Absolute-cT  into approximately one 

Litre of clean water and distribute evenly. 

We recommend adding Cloverleaf Absolute Bio-Gel to maintain a healthy level of Beneficial bacteria within Biological filters.    


Add 10g of Absolute-cT  For 4546L (1000gals) 

Add every day for a maximum of 4 Days. Switch off Ultra Violets until the Course of treatment has been completed. Keep all biological filtration running to Maintain good water quality. 

Ensure an ample supply of oxygen Is being provided at all times.

Do Not Use If: 

Water Temperature Is below 10˚c- 50˚F


Caution: Test your pH and KH prior To using as Absolute-cT can be very toxic In soft water. If your pH is below pH7 (acid) and has a general hardness below 6°dH (Soft water) reduce the dose by 75%. 

Do not use in ponds containing salt.

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