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Formalin Answer 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml

Cloverleaf Formaldehyde Answer is a stronger treatment for use when troubled by persistent problems of protozoan parasites such as white spot, tricodina, chilodonella and costia.

Diseases and probable cause:

White spot – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: pin-head sized white spots on fish with clamped fins fish rubbing against solid objects.

Gill and skin flukes – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: rubbing against solid objects can cause heavy breathing may have a whitish film over the skin.

Costia – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: rubbing against solid objects, fish swimming awkwardly with folded fins, rapid breathing.

Chilodonella – cause: Parasite
Symptoms: rapid breathing, whitish-blue opaqueness covering body mainly around eye, head and back.

Cloverleaf Filter Formalin Dosage:

Use 10ml per 680 litres (150 Gal)

Can be used with Malachite Answer for a stronger treatment of parasite problems.

Use at a rate of 50% normal dose of Formalin Answer to 50% normal dose of Malachite Answer.

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