12"-14" Albino Sterlet (Dwarf Sturgeon) - Acipenser ruthensus


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Albino Sturgeon are without doubt one of the most unusual and striking fish that you can have in your pond.

At 12-14" these Albino Sterlets are strong and robust. They should not get caught up in blanket weed and are easy to keep provided that the water quality is good and well oxygenated.

The Sterlet is the slowest growing and smallest of the Sturgeon varieties available. It is ideal for ponds of 1000 gallons or more which would not be large enough for some of the other varieties available. The Sterlet can grow to over 1m in the wild but usually maximum size they reach in a pond is about 65cm. This is one of the easiest sturgeon to keep.

Sturgeon food is available in the Pond Food section of this website.

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