Repti-VET Reptile Wound Spray


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Repti-VET Reptile Wound Spray

Absolute Repti-VET Anti-septic Topical Wound Spray 100ml

What Does It Do?

Ensure the root cause of illness is Investigated in all cases of disease! Ideal for use in the reptile FIRST-AID KIT works on all known bacteria on contact & will help the animal to heal naturally. helps the wound to seal on its own. Resulting in a quicker and safer healing process


Absolute Anti-septic wound spray can be applied to any external surfaces of the animal's skin avoiding contact with the eyes 

How to use! 

if possible remove any dead tissue from the wound Spray Generously to the infected area maintain contact for 1-2 Seconds and return the animal back to its enclosure. Repeated daily for 4 days with a rest of 3-4 days until healing is noted. 

You can remove the spray lid and use a damp cue-tip for targeted application 

Anti Parasitic & Antiseptic. Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungal Spores.


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