Repti-VET Trace Elements


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Absolute Repti-VET Trace Elements 

Absolute Repti-VET Reptile Trace Elements Contains over 60 Essential Minerals & Periodic-Elements 100g

What Does It Do?

Is a 100% natural way to boost the immune system of carnivorous & omnivorous reptiles in captivity where access to essential minerals and trace elements are difficult to provide see an increase in appetite, colour, and growth rate. 

When Absolute Reptile Elements is added to food as an additive it binds toxins that reptiles can ingest from a multitude of different ways. Such as poor quality foods, food that has gotten spoiled or has grown moulds or fungus. If ingested by your reptile these toxins will affect the bodies immune system resulting in a higher susceptibility to poor health and disease.


Absolute Reptile Elements is added with your reptiles food it is able to bind and contain these toxins preventing them from entering the digestive system and the reptiles is able to excrete these toxins out in their faeces. in addition, when Absolute Reptile Elements is added to food it will aid digestion and increase the reptiles ability to assimilate vitamins and minerals that they consume from their diet, boosting and improving the overall health of the animal.

adding Absolute Reptile Elements to your animal's food will replicate the way your animal would naturally feed in the wild and would normally pick up mineral-rich deposits as they feed.

How to dose! 

Using a spray mist food lightly and dust (1-2) Level Scoops per kg of the animal's body weight provided over the dampened food.  

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